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Family Reunion 
11th-Jan-2009 11:13 pm
So, this is the year of the Paterson family reunion, which as a Sando, I'm obliged to attend. W'ev's. Anyway, part of the fun is getting to know the whanau through introductory games. Oh, did I mention that no one in the extended family knows my partner Tara, who I'm bringing along to meet for the first time? Because of this, it's fallen on me to write the questions for the family to go around and rotely ask her.

These are the ones that my mum has come up with for her and the kids.

Helen - I am studying at university, What am I studying?
Nic - I have been at university. What am I studying?
Christopher - I have been living overseas. Where Have I been living?
Lisa- I enjoy playing two winter sports. What are they?
Stephanie - Two of my siblings are twins -which two?

Of all these, my favourite one is Steph's as it isn't even about her. "You're too dull to have a question about you, so take one about your siblings."  I'm thinking of asking for a rewrite on that. After all, she recently did some amazing work in this youth drama school which she deserves to gloat about. Or, if she wanted to play down her success, we could ask her about Hannah Montanna fandom. Now that would be an interesting subject of conversation.

So, these are what I've come up for Tara. They need work, but will at garner a responce:

Tara: Smells, but like what exactly?
Tara: One time she ate a small marsupial by mistake, guess which one?
Tara: Is it true that your partners mother told everyone in Paraparaumu that you were a stripper? (Ed: supposedly this is true)
Tara: Why do you keep drooling? Are you hungry? You look hungry.
Tara: Guess which New Zealand politician I spied on last year!
Tara: What's for dinner, do you know? Oh sorry, I thought you worked here.
Tara: Are you drunk?
Tara: So, how many weeks along are you?
Tara: Did you know that you have a piece of toilet paper caught in your undies?
Tara: I heard that your boyfriend is gay, why do you date a gay?
Tara: Four years is a long time, why haven't you gotten married yet?
Tara: Is that pudding on her chin?

Yeah, this is going to be the best reunion ever.

12th-Jan-2009 05:59 am (UTC)
I laughed loudly. Tara seems upset by that. I really hope they ask these questions... now i have the hiccups. I blame you.
14th-Jan-2009 09:47 pm (UTC)
I comment to show my appreciation. Hilarious!
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